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August 23, 2017

There are some really good quotes from astronauts in today’s Aerospace Daily & Defense Report (Carreau, 2017) that connect with our spirit of excellence.

Astronaut (select) Lt. Cdr. Matthew Dominick reflected during a recent interview:

“I’ve worked with people in the past who were really passionate, wanted to solve problems and work together”

“I want to do something that contributes to the world”

“A part of me—my brothers and sisters…are doing that mission of keeping us safe”

Veteran astronaut, Peggy Whitson, who is currently in space, provided this insight: “The biggest strength of the astronaut office is the differences in our backgrounds and the ability to share this information to make all of us better.”

Jack Fischer, who is also an astronaut in space with Peggy Whitson, commented “You have to use everyone’s gifts…Everyone will learn something new because no one has all of the skill sets.”

How can we apply this wisdom in business aviation? It might help to think of our community as a family, where we are brothers and sisters on a mission to promote professionalism and safety. With this mindset, we can break down the walls built on ego, i.e. clicks and informal groups that believe they are “the exalted ones” who fail to see and recognize the daily heroes out there getting the mission done. Let’s knock down these walls and recognize our family members each day who work hard, work ethically, and serve a purpose bigger than themselves.

Look for opportunities to recognize and promote others,

Sonnie Bates

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